Friday, November 24, 2017

new york city

i used
to want to live
to new york city

my daddy
would point out random
scenes on the tv

"look, that's where
you want to go, right?"

and i would nod, and smile
visions of rhoda and felix
oscar and that girl in my head

thinking all i needed
was a great wardrobe
and a crazy job

to survive

but now
as i'm getting older
i watch the movies
coming from the big apple
i walk with the vloggers
discussing their day to day
while making sense of
the road ahead of them

and that's enough for me

i've built up
nyc so much
in my head

that nothing
is going to satisfy
my dreams

maybe i'm better
just being a spectator
of things

following reflections
on curved glass

in the reason
of my being

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