Saturday, November 26, 2016

one last look

one last look
before you go

one last touch
and there you are

gone again
from sight and sound

home again
in a faraway town

what made you 
catch my eye?

what made you
shape my heart?

why can't i part 
from this up and down

you all alone
in the faraway town

just waiting for
my pulse again

near to touch
and far to win


Saturday, November 12, 2016


there is
a thin wire
between you
and i

and it transmits
across miles
with clarity

in my ear
i hear smiles
and the deep

of the laughter
you hide
during the day

how i wish
i didn't connect
this way with you
all the time

i can't see
i can't touch
i can't taste

but, as the moon
makes haste
in its measured

the blues and grays
make your voice
seemed amplified

defying all
that i know as real

feel me love you
with my giggles
and ramblings?

i do
with every breath
and every whisper

your secrets
unto me



Saturday, November 5, 2016

chris moore

her name was
chris moore

she was an

she hung out
with david banner

in his trek
across the world

she hid in
the backseat
of starsky's car

back and forth
during car rides

she helped when
david letterman
was sick

guest hosts and
singing in the band

she spoke
every language
and understood
every emotion

being everything
for everybody

without thinking
of herself

loved by all

in the fantasies

of the girl
who climbed
a tree

and saw the fire



Thursday, November 3, 2016

if i'd only

if i'd only
gone to bed early

if i'd only
not worked so much

if i'd only
eaten my vegetables
drank my fruits

and stayed away
from fried foods

if i'd only
said goodbye to
the pleasure
and embraced all
the pain

then it wouldn't have
come back

and plague me again


Wednesday, November 2, 2016


she sat
aware of her

not trusting
just yet

just watching

hoping to see him

they saw
a princess

graceful and kind

wanting only
to be pampered

and they acted

and in the
dark coldness
of nightfall

she followed
their path

for a moment

until the clock
spoke again



Tuesday, November 1, 2016


she whispered
for him to stay

begged and pleaded
along the way

but each step
took him far
from caring

his heart just wasn't in it

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