Thursday, October 17, 2013


missing you
shouldn't be my profession

but it is

missing you
shouldn't be my confession

but it is
night after night

hiding my feelings
so they won't hurt you
hiding my heart
so you won't suffer

trying hard
to keep out the real

so that we can keep it light

why do i have to be
so emo inside
why can't i skate
over the surface

barely touching the ice

in the jumps
and tough
in the landings

alive in the horizon

....until it's all normal again


Monday, October 7, 2013


it the tangibles
that i remember

your hair in your face
when you're trying
to tell me something serious

the glare you give
when you're trying
not to laugh at my jokes

oh to touch you again

it's the intangibles
that linger

the acceptance i feel
when you're trying
to understand my problems

the hope i get
when you're trying
to be better for me

stop trying, you're there

i live only to try
to give back to you

all that you given to me