Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ruling the world

remember how it was
when we ruled the world?

my kingdom was at hand
as long as you were beside me

your crown was secure
as long as you walked with me

and even the dust from the street
had magic floating from the cracks

....when we ruled the world

Sunday, January 27, 2013

i will talk no more forever

i will talk no more forever

i refuse to feel
as deeply as i have been

it's safer to walk a
straight path

away from the shadows

and be normal
just like the rest of them

i will speak no more forever

i refuse to tell anyone
what i really think

it's better to react like
everyone else

away from my freakishness

and be human
just like the rest of them

i will talk no more forever

for to talk
is to feel
and to feel
is to be

and i can't stand
being me anymore

i will tear away
what's odd
and stand among
what's real

just to feel the sun again


Saturday, January 26, 2013


i come to you
suitcases full
of the dreams i didn't
want to leave behind

some of them ancient
from the days of my childhood

when i hoped for fun

some of them elusive
from the days of my maidenhood

when i hoped for romance

and some of them unclear
from the times on my own

when nothing was right
and all i could think of
was how much i didn't deserve

and how much i could never be

will you sit with me
and open these burdens
that define me?

or will you convince me
to take your hand
as you walk me through the
garden of shadows

in search of the rest of myself?


Sunday, January 6, 2013

healing looks

just for now
just for then
could you stay
as you are

looking at me

with your eyes
flashing truth
upon me

our love is
just coming into

only just beginning
to display signs
of future potential

but i can't help
but hope
when i see you

really look at me

as if memorizing
my soul
and breathing life
into my heart

one look at a time

don't shy away
the power you have
to heal me

and i'll not
keep away
the power i have
to renew you

each transferring
strength upon

with just the look
in our eyes