Wednesday, December 28, 2016

lagging behind

when you babble on
about what you feel and what you saw
and what you had
and what you are

i get lost in the rhythms
and forget the message

i get confused by the syllables
and forget the confessions

i lag behind the river run
of your voice

looking for the sun

standing backwards
in my humility

but in what's guilty
you talk on

and never notice


Sunday, December 11, 2016


she's supposed to smile

can't she see the lights
around her?

she's supposed to laugh

doesn't she know the blessings
about her?

she's supposed to jump into my arms
like she used to

sending footsteps through my soul

waking the part of me i wasn't supposed
to show

it's Christmastime
and she's supposed to be present

not hiding in the cold
of what wasn't

where is soft voice
that i strained to hear

all this lonely year?

where is who's love
and how can i bring her
back to me