Sunday, March 27, 2011

ode to silence

with my bestie
silent as always

he's amazing

yet i can't find the words
to say anything

just to talk
just to share
just to relate

just to know

i should be
just content
to breathe the same air

i'm into words
(both vague and clear)
and i feel something
in my heart

to come out

as my lips part
to let free
some silly
overlived phrase

he looks at me
with deep eyes
and stares at me


and we laugh
heads off

into our coffees
in a display
most unbecoming
to love-tortured couples

why do you have
to torture your love
with hallmark words?)

let the joy
in your eyes
and the snorts
in your . .uh . .nose

show the love
that ever-grows
in your heart

the words
won't be remembered
half as much
as the twinkle in your eyes


audio version here:

Thursday, March 3, 2011


did you notice
on the night before
the night before last

when you stood
in the middle
of my path
and started walking
closer to me

that i was
backing away
from you

just like old times?

did you see me
staring down

keeping my eyes from yours?

i could feel you
straight through me

trying to convince me
over and over again

how wrong i was
how right you were

how people
just don't
such a thing

and i saw myself
backing away from you
(as i did
and a day ago)

it all comes down to this

not even knowing
your own strength

and i
what you do
with your power

over and over again

damn me for crossing you
and being fooled again

damn you for wanting me
to be the me
i never said i was

don't make up
my future
without even knowing
what i am now

i'll back away
and back away
once more

to retrace
my steps again