Saturday, July 30, 2011


my words
don’t match up
to what i think

like a badly dubbed
foreign movie
seen late at night

i struggle
and waver

and haw

shifting from one foot
to another

and yet
when i write

the phrases come out
complete, and pure

in a wave of beauty

universally understood

if only the world
could slow down
for my words

give me a chance
to roll my brain
around my heart

then i could finally
all the things i
that stir me inside

before you walk away

before the end of the day . . .

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Friday, July 8, 2011

no one


no one 
can be certain
what's inside a man's heart

and no one
can tell you
what he means
when he holds you close in the night

no close friend
analyzing his emails
over coffee and bagels

no psychic
with her hands to her temple
and her fingers in your wallet

no psychiatrist
who lies you on his couch
and lies to you by the hour

no dr phil
no oprah

no one

all you can do
is look into his eyes
breathe in his soul

and trust yourself

accept him
for him
and open your heart

with whispers in the night
and gestures in the day

he'll reveal 

walls between you
will fall
and build strong
around you both

unsure eyes
will learn to
on treasured realities

no one
will be able to take away

the joy
you have won

(tuesday, january 25, 2011 at 1:13am) 28/9/12