Saturday, April 27, 2013

no matter

i feel like
no matter what i do
there won't be a way
to get to you

i'll be the same
out of focus
of a woman

and you'll be
the same
far away
of a man

both of us
frustrated by
the lack of

but still feeling a
that never goes

no matter what
excuses we
yell at each other

no matter what
things we
don't say

it never seems
to go away


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


i'm not
as sad
as you think i am

i just feel
more than
i used to

i see
your side
and wonder why
you stay

i see
my side
and wonder why
i'm the way i am

pushing you
with each
insecurity i

the beauty
that we created
when the sun
shone in our

and all the world was ours


Thursday, April 11, 2013


we must spend time
over the nothings
that lead to something

the whispers
in the ear
that lead to giggles

the kisses
on the cheek
that lead to smooches

the hugs
around the shoulder
that lead to snuggles

the talks
that meander over
subject after subject

saying nothing
and everything, too

what was
and adding the new

in a soft sweet cycle of love


Sunday, April 7, 2013

no hope

how long
did you mean to wait?

was i even a
passing thought
as you passed me by?

are you too hypnotized
by your tragedy
to see

what used to be me?

i'm caught up
in the hope of
seeing you again

eye to eye
face to face

never wising up
to the truth of
the reality

that you never knew me

two strangers bound
by responsibility

never to see the beauty
of real love

Thursday, April 4, 2013

whisper wish

i wish
for all things good
for you

i wish the path to be light
for you

i wish the day was filled
with sun

and the night, a rain
cool enough for
one blanket
five pillows
one radio

and you
wrapped up in a cocoon
of slumber

dreaming gentle dreams of the days ahead

let relaxation run
through the torrid strands
of your twisted hair

and think of me kindly again


Monday, April 1, 2013


forgive me
for being cautious

forgive me
for being wary

but love's come
and i messed it up

and i don't know me

if you can stand
the emo with
the smiles

if you can see
the sunshine in
the clouds

if you can know
the blessings in
the tears

then you know me
better than me

and maybe
the road won't be
so rocky
this time

i'll know what
it's like to be free

as long as
you're you
and as long as
i'm me

whatever we are