Tuesday, September 30, 2014


a smile
across your lips

your head
and dream

let go
of the worries
within yourself

your eyes
and see


what's wrong

what's wrong
with you?

why must everything
be a struggle
with you?

why can't you see
the normalcy
that i know is there

if you would just try?

you shouldn't cry
when there's no reason
to despair

you're a lot happier
than what you'll
let yourself be

let go
of all the emo
that you think
you have to be

follow me

and be happy

(for once)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

will you

will you turn away
from my kiss?

will you examine
my outstretched hand
wondering where it
has been?

will you point out
all the spelling errors
in my love notes?

during my daring dance
(where i balance myself
over your profile)
will you tell me
to wear a helmet
and shoes?

why must i have the blues
when you're only trying
to keep me safe?

foolish me
will i ever learn
from my own mistakes

and let you rule over me


blissful mediocrity

so tender hearted

you cared too much

so sensitive

no matter what he says
it's never enough

trapped inside some
romantic dream

where the hero's psychic
and you're not so spastic

wishing for your
happy ending

but doing everything
in your heart
to prevent it

silly girl
be realistic soon

before you lose
your chance
at blissful mediocrity

let the insanities
fall where they may

and learn to live again


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

perfect calmness

you comforted me
and, in amazement,
i opened up to you

eyes wide
to the feeling
of closeness between us

you steadied me
and, in gratefulness
i leaned on you

heart full
of the feeling
of acceptance from you

how can i have found
this tender oasis
in a world of hell?

how can i deserve
this wonderful presence
in uncertain times?

let me
lean again

let me
learn again
how to be

just what you want me to be

in return
for the perfect calmness
that you give me

from shadow to light
and back again

we'll always win


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


the distance apart
takes away
all that's real and true

and the talk
between time zones
becomes strained
with cliches and
careful wordings

as we wonder
what happened
to the closeness
we had

we stumble backward
in conversation
on crackling wires
with tired lines

trying to break free
from the monotony

of hearts too far away


Saturday, September 13, 2014

the darkness around

don't let the shadows
take you away

no matter how much
they coax you in

running steel claws
through your hair

soothing you

telling you
no one
will know you've gone

don't go on 
into the darkness

find the light
no matter how small

gather it up
hold it close
to your heart

and breathe again

don't let go


Friday, September 12, 2014

wearing your jacket again

wearing your jacket again

with caution
in the pouring

thinking about
the second hand

and how far
it has to travel

round and round
an endless clock

as i wait
for the warmth
of your hand

stretching out
to me

leading me back home



behind the mystery
of your words

always the victim

push away
the one you care for
the most

always the sadist

in a world of black
and tender shadows

always the emo

always looking away
from what's real

into the nightmare
of your own indecision

always alone


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

inspiration everywhere

the door
so slightly ajar
open to reason

unlike you  

what changed
so quickly inside
closed to season

so like you


Monday, September 8, 2014

the ride

all you have to say
is what he means to you

all you have to write
is what you feel each day

all you have to do
is open your heart to him

all you have to feel
is the relief that comes with

letting go of the past
(and all its mistakes)

let go of the future
(and all the fears you feel inside)

let the night be
just what you want it to be

no more hiding
what's inside

enjoy the ride
and just let go

Friday, September 5, 2014

alone again

alone again
with the sound of your voice
in my ear

about again
with the thought of your arms
my longing body

aching again
with the memory of your love
my poor heart

i barely started
trusting you

why did you leave so soon?


Thursday, September 4, 2014

reading bliss

it's so much fun to find a book that moves you so much, that you are caressing each page.... drinking in each word....mumbling the phrases over and over again...taking it all to heart....

whispering words of wisdom


Tuesday, September 2, 2014


in your shadow

no other place
i want to be

in your footsteps

as you make
trails for me

for your voice

above all who
try to call

no words at all
are more important

than the whispers
we keep between us

greedily protecting our day

from the callings
of the cold nights