Saturday, August 30, 2014


on my mind
what drew me
to you

keeping time
with the music
that reminds me
of you

wishing and
the memories
to stay

even though you're far away

the stars in
my eyes
the warmth in
my soul

the times that we

the times we were whole

what makes you
the home
that i never had?

why am i sad
thinking about
the past

when the future's
the best
that it's been

this time
i think we'll win


Friday, August 29, 2014


and wandering

always wondering
what would happen next

never having the
of knowing the truth

the shadows of
the city
always shading our eyes

from the worry
and hate
that surrounded us

from the confusion
and love
that we thought we had

the struggle to be something
so different
from what our parents were

the future ahead
opening wide

into a world we never
got a chance
to know


Thursday, August 28, 2014


with every rainy day
there's the possibility
of sunshine

if you would only look up


art by : Daniel Del Orfano
( more of his work here: )


briefly we met
in the sunshine and shadow
trying to figure out
ourselves again

briefly we touched hands
and talked awkwardly
trying to see what
the other could see

and with each step
i took closer
i dared to dream
about us

not knowing
how crazy
i really was

not knowing
how jaded
you really were

not noticing
how the sun
would play tricks
on my soul

every time
i hoped to see me

in the coolness of your eyes


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

at night

there was a freedom
with you

a kindness that felt
so true to life

and at the end of
our day

we were able to
go out

look into the sea
of stars

and say nothing

holding hands
to remind ourselves
of each other

taking our thoughts
far away from the

into the eyes of the future

and how it could be

just you
and me


Saturday, August 23, 2014

this awkward stage

why must
everything i say 
be wrong?

why must 
everything i do
be dumb?

how long
am i going to go through
this awkward stage

where nothing 
is right
and nothing 
can be done

to hide 
the inconsistencies
of me

trouble flee
for once
go away

let me learn to
love better
one day



how brief my time, how cautious my heart

how long i wait

#12wordpoem   inspired by +Eric Albin 

Friday, August 22, 2014


learning to jump
learning to trust

learning to love


you took me
so many places
in my mind

a couple
a family
a time to ourselves

you showed me
all the finer things
in life

a beach
a city
no strife in the sun

i never got a chance
to tell you
how you made me hope

not the way i wanted

i never got a chance
to show you
how you changed me

not the way i wanted

i wish for a chance
to finally make you see

what you did to me

and how it wasn't
that bad
at all

standing tall
making my own dreams

whatever it seems
it's happiness to me




trying to share
to reach
to care


trying to call
to react
to stall

the inevitable feeling
of being the only one
who knows

and the only one
who cares



Sunday, August 17, 2014


in wordless dreams
i feel you

hugging me close 
with all your might

in shapeless visions
i see you

moving near
to warm my heart

in silent whispers
i hear you

murmuring hope
to keep me alive

i linger
in slumber
to see you again

out of focus
out of time
out of sync
from where i am

how do i get back home?


Monday, August 11, 2014


in age
after age
nothing inspires more

than the moving page


Friday, August 8, 2014

for steve

with a camera
to your eye
you let images
do the talking

for you

with a heart
and deep soul
you let the world see

through you

miss you
miss you

whispered singings

walking in the door

don't want to hear
another voice

exhausted from
the day

anticipating rest

and the calmness of the night

two steps in
and you're on me

arms around me
in a tight embrace

whispering words
and squeals
and giggles

breathing through a greeting to me

this is what
i was meant for

love in
all its chaotic mess

this is what
i dream of

when it's finally quiet
deep in the night

this is the pleasure
i don't have to say

just live

surrounded by arms
full of energy

and a voice of an angel
at my ear

sing on
sing on
bright angel


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

silent comfort

you know
it's like you were still here

and i reached for you
and i felt you

as if you were near

and i relished the thought
of the memory

so clear to me

i know you're in pain
and i know it'll be a while
until i see you again

and the memory
of touch
will soon be gone

but let me be still
in this room

where all the comforts
of home
try to warm me

let me be still
and feel you again

willing you to be well

until i see you again


drowning in plain sight

dog paddling
to the surface

to catch another breath

looking around
for a way out

for someone to rescue me

crying inside
looking for peace

looking for a way out

what's going to happen
when all eyes
are on me?

drowning in plain sight
drowning in plain sight


Saturday, August 2, 2014

the dance

after all this time
i don't know you
very well

maybe i'm not supposed to

maybe when i find out
all there is to you

i'll lose you
and we'll have to start again

as friends

after all these days
the curiosity stays

in your eyes as well as mine

let us dance slowly
between recognition
and reconnoitering

until the music is through

until what's remembered as me
becomes you

and back again