Thursday, January 29, 2015


for those following at home... i got some good news this morning.  it looks like i'm cancer free right now.

of course there will be test in the future, to make sure the lymphoma doesn't come back .... but i look forward to these tests.  i want to know i'm cured... i want to be able to believe the good news...

i want to be normal again

so for now, i'm quietly celebrating... with a smoothie and a tentative smile... my emotions will catch up with my insides eventually, i'm sure ...

thank you for your good thoughts


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


the truth
comes out
late at night

in a package
opened by force

did you really
think the answer
was going to go
your way?

of course not

you are the
unwashed hippy

you haven't been
a day in your life

what you
think of
as magic
is just flashing lights

in the bottom of the gutter

to be what you want

in what is true

never change
the untalented ways
you walk

live the blue

it'll all be darkness soon


15 word-- warning

without fear
and a little dazed
crazed look upon my hair

look out sunny day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


look away lady
what secrets
do you hold?

how did you
entrance him
all those years?

am i all the better
for him
or were you the home
he needed?

far away lady
what hopes
did you have?

did you really
want the moon
and stars around him?

am i just a silliness
that can't compare to
your deepness?

strident but true

what was it
about you
that made him sane?

am i doing the same?

how can i be
like you
but stay me, too?

look away lady
look my way
and tell me how to be

it seems
all you see

is better than
i'll ever be


snow ago

wish i knew
what i could say
to all the worries you have

wish i could
take away all the bad
that surrounds you

but i can't

all i can do
is point the way
to where you want to go

letting you know
that i'm with you
to guide you through the storm

even when you're tattered
and torn

you're still you
a part of me
i never knew i had

forget the bad
and let dreams come true

me and you


Monday, January 26, 2015


sleep and heal
dream and feel hope
rest and breathe
and please believe
that you will smile again


15 word: fear

my fears
like storm clouds
roll in darkness overhead
reminding me
of the impending

Saturday, January 24, 2015


hi, my name is lynn p.and i'm a poet.  it's been twenty minutes since my last poem, and i'm afraid i'll slip into the odes again.

i don't mind

poetry lets out the emotions of me. poetry keeps the secrets of me. poetry helps me learn about me, and how i can tell someone else about the mystery of me.

and so i scribe

i want to encourage others to write.  i want them to think they can pick up a pen, and let out all the frustrations of the day ... laying them out phrase after phrase ... until they can make sense of what they have inside ...

like i do

i worry that sometimes i write too much because i don't want to bombard the stratosphere with my words.  i worry when i don't write, because i think i'm losing the muse.

sometimes i worry too much

for even when the world thinks i'm quiet, i'm fire inside...  i'm so alive with words sometimes that i burst into vowels and rhymes

i do it all the time

even in my darkest days i type and rage

may the pages always be kind

to me and thee


dream message

i'm glad this went to 

i didn't want to wake you

well i did
sort of

i wanted to hear you breathe

yeah i know
i sound psychotic
but most people in love

with what they say 
with what they write

with what they feel inside

to-day's going to be
a long day

full of negotiations
and celebrations

several thousand people
will be asking 
for help

and i'll be there for them

it's just . . .

i wanted to tell you
how much you mean

i wanted to calm myself
in the warmth of your voice

i wanted to give to you
what you give to me


for in this big mess 
of a world

there's just you 
and me

and i'm so happy
to be a part
of us


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

reminder to me

remember you're here
to help all the others

remember you're part
of a team

remember to think
the best of your brothers

and don't forget to dream


Monday, January 19, 2015

to poe

did we ever know you?

did you show us
any part of your soul?

i see you in the rain
wind pushing the
tatters of your coat

back and forth

as you look out
with such

at nothing we see

could we ever know you?

was your heart
telling tales
only for you?

was the chance
that i could understand you

is the hope
that i could sit with you

and let you spin
your tales
of woe

and learn to know
the sadness behind


Thursday, January 15, 2015

i will live

i will live
beyond my years
i'll go on
despite my fears

no little pains
can stop me now

i'll show you how
i live

once words are
and hopes are

you will learn
what's under my skin

and just how strong
i've always been


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

soul's cry

the more
you push
the uncertainty

the more 
i want
to shrivel and die

the more 
you shrug
your shoulders
to the future

the more 
i want 
to hide from
whatever comes

why try
when nothing good's 
coming my way?

why hope
when nothing new's
about to be born?

why live
with my own inequity
when the calm 
that i want to see

is in a blur
just beyond me

with no road ahead
to set me free

comfort me

or free me to the stars


in praise of vulcan

there's something about the flicking of a zippo lighter.... the percussion of the flint against the wheel... the feel of the wheel against the finger... the spark that happens... even the smell of lighter fluid that you smell when you start up the flame....

it's distinctly... powerful.  

you made fire in the palm of your hand.  neanderthals would be amazed at the magic you made....

shine on, firemaker... shine on

Monday, January 12, 2015


i guess
the best thing
to know

is that we
don't know
each other

that's not so bad

we're still
on the road
of our own

in a land
of our own

do you see
the potholes
and the hills
along the way?

i don't

all i see
are trees
and sunshine

and the ocean ahead

steer me past
the unknowns
(that i choose not to see)

and i'll tell of
the bright future
that could be us

if we let it

we'll travel
the road to-gether

closer and closer
with each discovery

and we'll find the way
to you and me

as we walk along


Sunday, January 11, 2015

fairytale's end

i think of
all the time
that i thought we were one

growing closer
and fonder
with each day

dislikes and

hopes and

the ins and
outs of
what we could be

i was weaving the
fairy tale life
through the holes
in the road ahead

wishing and
hoping for an end
to the growing doubt
inside of me

looking at
your eyes
time and time again

willing you to speak

i think of how
i tried to keep us

sailing the moon
and back
just for your smiles

and i grow tired
of the effort

of the hope

of the candyland images
i made

just to keep you mine

were you ever mine?

let time stand still
as i sleep away

all the tears
you gave to me

and all the fears
of to-morrow

just around the riverbend


Saturday, January 10, 2015


so much
can be stopped
with a touch

so much
can be healed
with a hug

but from
far away

all i can say
over and over again

is i'm sorry
i flee

i'm sorry
for the things
that have
to be

and i'm sorry
i'm me



i know
it's hard
being around me

i can't communicate
pen and paper near

i feel the pain
that no one else

in the way
out of tune

one step behind

i don't know
what i can offer
to counter all
these sins

i make the same
over and over again

i make my eyes
looking for the sun

i run
and there's no way
you can find me

always the victim
of my own
tragic scenes

lost in an island
of my own
broken dreams


audio version here:

Friday, January 9, 2015

what could have been

and i remember
how it was
and how it could have been

and i resolve
to have it happen again
the way it was before

in my memory
and through my mind
in my heart
and all through time

looking out
at what could have been

and loving you
all over again



think calm
quiet thoughts

close your eyes
and sing a favourite song

lie very still
as the wave
goes through you

don't worry about
what will be found

don't worry about
what will happen

just relax inside
and dream

just for once

and the sun
will come to you


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


that moment when
they betray you
with a greeting

never acknowledging
the pain you shared
with them

leaving you


searching for
a path
back to normalcy

in the scenes
in the play
of love


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ode to the one who's lonely and blue and doesn't know what to do about it

no words
can be said

no tears
can be shed

for the one left lonely

no bridge
can see her through

no path
can bring her to

the one she wants to be with

how far
the distance seems

how far
her hopes and dreams

when the cold sets in

how true
can her eyes see

how soon
can her time be

when the sun shines again


audio version here:


i know
we're underneath
the same stars

but i'm selfish

i want to be
where you are

breathing the same air

i want to bug you again
love you again
remind you again
and again

that you are worthy
of the happiness

even though
you don't believe

i do 

staying true
is easy

when i think
of you


Monday, January 5, 2015


if you hate mondays
you'll have to find
another time to dream

doodle your desires
in between the pages
of that long resume

write the sketch of a story
in the corner
of your briefcase

hide your ideas
in the twinkle
of your eyes

don't lose the plans
you capture between
paper and pen

you'll need their direction
when the weekend
comes again


Sunday, January 4, 2015

ode to a speeding road

flying across the road
to the sea, to the sea

stopping for tater tots
for you, but mostly me

hoping for the sun 
to stay high, to stay high

hoping for time
not to pass us by

build a bridge with me
and i will travel to thee
in mind and soul



figuring out you
is figuring out me

asking me questions
is opening places
to you

the talk we
both aimless
and directed

lead to the place
where we're always

two souls in
search of the sun

finding the one
that's in us

to give to
ourselves again


Friday, January 2, 2015


stumbling along
fog around my heart
no place to go
no idea how to start

confusion inside
'til i'm mute with worry
eyes look for the way
'til tears make them blurry

this is the time
i grow up inside
alone without confidence
every step a slide

nothing to blame
but what's left of my soul
to-gether with turbulence
no one in control