Saturday, January 24, 2015


hi, my name is lynn p.and i'm a poet.  it's been twenty minutes since my last poem, and i'm afraid i'll slip into the odes again.

i don't mind

poetry lets out the emotions of me. poetry keeps the secrets of me. poetry helps me learn about me, and how i can tell someone else about the mystery of me.

and so i scribe

i want to encourage others to write.  i want them to think they can pick up a pen, and let out all the frustrations of the day ... laying them out phrase after phrase ... until they can make sense of what they have inside ...

like i do

i worry that sometimes i write too much because i don't want to bombard the stratosphere with my words.  i worry when i don't write, because i think i'm losing the muse.

sometimes i worry too much

for even when the world thinks i'm quiet, i'm fire inside...  i'm so alive with words sometimes that i burst into vowels and rhymes

i do it all the time

even in my darkest days i type and rage

may the pages always be kind

to me and thee


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