Sunday, January 11, 2015

fairytale's end

i think of
all the time
that i thought we were one

growing closer
and fonder
with each day

dislikes and

hopes and

the ins and
outs of
what we could be

i was weaving the
fairy tale life
through the holes
in the road ahead

wishing and
hoping for an end
to the growing doubt
inside of me

looking at
your eyes
time and time again

willing you to speak

i think of how
i tried to keep us

sailing the moon
and back
just for your smiles

and i grow tired
of the effort

of the hope

of the candyland images
i made

just to keep you mine

were you ever mine?

let time stand still
as i sleep away

all the tears
you gave to me

and all the fears
of to-morrow

just around the riverbend


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