Friday, August 19, 2016


planes take me
to you

and for that i love them

they cut through
the clouds
so lowly strung

paying no mind
to the trouble
and turbulence

of me

planes take me
away from you

and for that i hate them

they cut through
the strings
so newly begun

paying no mind
to the tears
and tribulations

of me

a miracle
of invention
a curse
of suspension

all encased
in cold steel
and bolts

the jolts are extra


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

no rhyme required

you just can't
jump in and write a poem

it involves thought
and action and deed

a pouring of the soul
on paper and pen

loops of cursive and all

you just can't
appear out of nowhere

tapping the keys in
frustration and passion

waving your fingers
madly through the air

in search of yourself

pen to paper
cursor to letter
rhyme to reason

life to hand

those who understand
capture the phrases
and turn the pages
of your heart

one word at a time

no rhyme required
to grow


feel again

clean sheet of paper
clean heart

neat corner of the room
neat mind

cool side of the pillow
cool body

settle up accounts
and move away

past soul
past self

past help

clever words can't
define you now

walk in the shadows
of felt

and feel again


Thursday, August 11, 2016

for jenn

you wrote
on the page and
in my heart

you spoke
what was dark and
what was light

you lived
in my soul and
in my brain

and so you remain

even though
the touch of you
is gone from me

so stays your memory
so stays your memory


Saturday, August 6, 2016

i've got your memory

haven't looked at her
in a million forevers

but her face 
is all i see

haven't listened to her
in a thousand whispers

but her voice 
is all i hear

even though her words
were empty
and mostly confusing

even though her hugs
were childish
and often bruising

even though i knew
in my head
that she wouldn't be there

past the sun

the heart needed one
and it had to be her

why do i still remember
my doom

spirit, leave the room
and haunt another


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

still trembling

the knives cut
at night

all the mistakes

for all to see

i can blame
the type

i can blame
the frugality

but it was me

a help from
another side

all the panics
mostly undone

still trembling 

a voice softens
the pain

a voice lightens
the dark

something resembling

rhymes too difficult
to tame
a still scared heart

facing the dawn


for you

i can't thank you

for you

i can't tell you
all you mean
to me

i write circles
around what
i want to say

but nothing's worthy
of you

hold me close

against the firing rain

and all my insanities
will run dry

for you