Monday, July 30, 2012

your marilyn

i don't want to be
your marilyn
mixing you all up
in my pain

no, i don't want to be
your marilyn
clinging to you
when it all
comes down

i want to be the one
who'll listen to you
all night

not with all the
but just the right

to guide you back home

but i can't help you
with the torment
still inside

i can't support you
with the hell
all around me

i have to stop
and grow

before i can
turn loving eyes
to you

i can understand
the dark side
of you


Friday, July 27, 2012


it was time
to go

no question

the air was
getting colder
the time was
getting shorter

he knew he had to leave

so he drew back
from her embrace,
zipped up his jacket,

and walked on

she followed
his form
with her eyes

by the confident way
he walked

would he
turn around
at least once?

would he look
and see her
looking hopefully
at him?

she watched him
until he turned
at the old
familiar corner

watched him

touch the wall

and look
straight at her

he smiled
blew her a kiss

and walked on

she smiled

let go
of the breath
she had
hung on to

wiped the
from her cheek

and moved on
to the rest of
her day


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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

all over again

in quiet times
i'll carry your love
within my heart

to hold inside
and discover
and feel its power

all over again

in desperate times
i'll carry your words
within my head

to remember once more
and listen to
and linger with

all over again

in another time
i'll carry my hopes
within my soul

to take out
and share with you
and feel you care

all over again

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Sunday, July 15, 2012


if you knew
you were running away
i know
you would call me

and like the flash
i'd be there
in the early morning

ready to hold
your too light

listening to you
rage on
the darkness
in your soul
and the heaviness
in your heart

and when i
hear you talk
cool sound
our feet make
on the wet cobblestone

i would suggest
a trip to the pancake house
would be needed
before you left
the country

and over the syrup
and the butter
and the orange juice
i hope you would
look at me


and realize
you were already
at peace

and then
and only then
would i lean in
(over coffee and cream)

and kiss your fears away


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Thursday, July 12, 2012


don't tell me
you know what i'm thinking

(i haven't figured it out

and don't tell me
you know how i'm living

(i'll never understand
the rocky tides
within me}

just tell me
you'll be near
when i'm at my loudest

tell me
you'll stay close
when i'm at my saddest

and i'll try
to believe you

i promise
i will always try
to understand you

and the calmness
that you bring

until the
very end
of my complex days


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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


when we dance
at the end of the day

i feel you
relax in my arms

leaning your head
on my shoulder

what day has come
to make you
so tense?

what time has past
that made you
so sad?

and how can i be
such a relief to you?

i never ask
i never tell

i barely speak

i just hold you
very close

and slowly
circle the room
with our love

feeling your relief
feeling your gratefulness

feeling like
i can never do enough

feeling like
i could never let you go


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


why didn't
you tell me
i'd fall in love with you?

why didn't you tell me
that my soul
would be gone
the moment
i met you?

you sit
across from me
tenderly looking
my way

not saying a word

but  i can't keep
from staring
at you

with hope
in my eyes


for any sort of sign

so i can draw
your warmth
close to my heart

and cherish
the change
you'll bring into my life....

if you would only
with more than the want
in your eyes

and talk
with more than the beauty
in your soul


Sunday, July 8, 2012


i won't say
that i'm nothing without you

i am somebody

when all is said and done

i don't like the somebody
i am
without you

if i can't think about you
in that special way

if i can't talk to you
about anything
and everything

if i can't exist
knowing you're
the bookend
to the volume
of my most dastardly plans

i wouldn't know how to exist

i'd end up walking
with the rocky path at my feet
once again

and i don't want to go back

i am somebody
without you

but nothing matters
without you
in my life


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

moon speak

how big
the moon is

how dark
the clouds are
this morrow

how strange
and eerie
and huge
the whole world is

i'm quite lost
within it

sit with me
close as you dare

hold my hand
in this deep
and dismal hour

help me remember
we have come down
this path

and make me forget
everything else

use simple words
that mirror
the thoughts of your heart

_and i will believe you_ far as the moonlight
touches the sea

i will believe thee