Monday, March 31, 2014

sketch of a reunion

when we walk
i hold your arm
and you talk to me

i feel the vibrations
of your deep voice
run through your body

as you unload the day

and while i listen to
every word you say

i'm floating nearby
surrounded by
your strength

whole again
for the first time
all day

you cuddle me close
the oncoming wind

and the falling sun
lights our way
back home


Sunday, March 30, 2014


you didn't tell me
that life would strip
all of femininity
from me

you only told me
to be brave

you didn't tell me
that everyone would
look to me for

you only told me
to be strong

i don't want to go
kicking and screaming
into that dark night

but i don't want to take
all the people i love
on the journey
that i have to face
by myself

do i really understand
the sea
and ail it's telling me?

it goes out
revealing all the trash
that's underneath
its shimmering blueness

but it comes back again
reviving me for the road

all i have to do
is wait

and dream


Thursday, March 27, 2014

at a time

i slipped
and you caught me
at a time
when i thought
i was going to keep falling

my heart stopped
and you started it
at a time
when i thought
i was going to die

and i look
into your eyes
for life
and i breathe in
your laughter
for warmth

and again
and again

you save me
from myself

thank you
for you

thank you
for letting me
love you

to be free
in the sunlight
once more

to soar


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


when we
fall to sleep
at night

the boy in you
meet up with
the girl in me?

do they travel
to dreamland

talking and
having adventures

supposing and
hoping about
the future

eyes wildly shining
in the moonlight?

tour the dark side
of the lamplight
with me

it shouldn't be
too far

is in the air
around us

and home
is just across
the street


Monday, March 24, 2014


i lost faith
too fast
just when you were
so strong

i had doubt
too soon
just when you were
so kind

the darkness
that surrounds me
shouldn't keep me
from your sanity

the fear
that controls me
shouldn't make me
turn away

i promise
to get strong again

the way i was with you

i promise
to have faith again

no matter what's ahead

i'll hold on
to what kept us strong
when the sun was in view

i am telling you
i won't turn away

i want to stay
with you

....and never doubt again


Friday, March 21, 2014


layers of hair
protect her face
from your view

eyes that tell
so much truth
just by looking
are sheltered

the light of a
thousand ages tries
to pierce the
secrets within

but she stays still inside

and outside
there's nothing
but waves


Thursday, March 20, 2014


the time
will come
when time
is kind

and our eyes
will meet

and there will be
much to say

and there will be
much to do

so much so
that our minds will feel
on fire

in the midst of the
in the middle of the
illusion of time

we'll stop
and truly look
each other

eyes telling stories
no words can repeat

and we will
meet again
in the silence of
what was

and the beauty of
what will come to be

meeting again with thee


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

truly alone

have you ever been
truly alone
when you needed
someone to listen?

your words
fall forward in a
desperate gravity

trying to fill
the dead air with
some semblance
of activity

hoping to find
that someone
who will understand
the part of you

you don't understand



can't write right now
the numb
in my head
keeps me out of touch
with the fire
in my heart

i'm immune to the embers


Monday, March 17, 2014


i was alive
when i saw you last

i was whole
and pretty
and free with you

now i'm in a darkness
i have to face alone

and you are there
willing me to be

may the miles be kind
between you and i
as i take this journey
away from me

may the time that
separates us
run swiftly through
its days

may we remember
the lessons we have
to learn from
this hell

but may we never tell
the reasons why

we cry

but we will never say


Thursday, March 13, 2014

i knew a man

i knew a man
who stirred within me
a cauldron of ideas
in a single movement

he knew me
before i met him
and met me
in all my wandering ways

we saw the sea
we watched the waves
we rode the wind
inside of ourselves

waiting for the sun

now darkness is
the promise
down the road ahead
and uncertainty is
the constant
in my heart

but each word
he whispers in my ear
takes me back
to what is sure

even though
how far
even though
how dark
even now
how true

each word is to me
a steady guide
on the road

back to the sun

alive again
with him


Friday, March 7, 2014

in defense of him

he cares
more than you think
cut him some slack

it's just some
inside of his brain

he's just a guy

there's something
inside of him
that he feels for you
deep and true

he just doesn't know
how to tell you
that he cares

you're the voice
of the heart
he never lets talk

to understand him

help him understand


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

forever eyes

i think that
the dreams i long for
strive for
live for

almost want to
die for

are the
unreachable stars
that taunt me
on sleepless nights

willing me
to stretch my arm
up up up
into an endless
of uphill battles
and downhill

meaning to
exhaust me

distancing me
from the reality
i see

in your forever eyes


Tuesday, March 4, 2014


i remember
what you look like
i remember
what we said

when nothing else
but the wind through
our hair
and the closeness of
our hearts
beating so close to-gether

i remember
when you tried to make
me strong
with the way that you
and the words that you
over and over again

and although
i have so much to
remind me of you
i can't remember
your arms around me

has it been so long?

will i ever feel a calm
like i did
with you?

those days
were carefree
and full of the same

when changes come
can we go back
to us?

when will normal happen


Sunday, March 2, 2014


you've taken
every bit of
control from me

throwing memories
around like junk

thinking your helping
by organizing my

but only doubling it
with each gesture

let me have control
as long as possible

tell me
i'm the only one
who should decide

keep me
in your thoughts
as someone dear

but know
that i'm not
the weak one

that i'm going to grow

let me grow
and please
let me go

....before it's too late
for either of us

to see the coming sun