Wednesday, May 30, 2012

still song

the other day
i could hear you hum
a snippet of a tune
from mexico

it weaved
into the air
like a wordless poem
in my imagination

enough to make me hold still
in wonderment

and yet
in my shyness
(and yes, i do get shy)
i couldn't ask you
where the tune came from

and i didn't want to stop
the melody

for anything in the world

so i kneeled there
holding "diary of a wimpy kid"
in mid-air
looking like a cut-rate statue
for barnes and noble

my mind
a thousand miles away
in the country of my mother

thank you
for something
you'll never know about

Saturday, May 19, 2012

wind comb

the wind
works its way
through my hair

messing up
the careful stylings
of my hands

i let nature
work its magic
on me

knowing it
has had years of practice
on its side

hoping it
takes the bad thoughts away
from my mind

or replaces them
with the vision of you
smiling at me
from across the table

on that last
heavenly day
of my existence


sound version here:

Friday, May 18, 2012

l'amour de la jeune fille

you have to remember
there's a girl in me
that hasn't grown up

and i don't want her to

i won't show her
to your friends
i won't let her out
even to my closest pals

so she won't embarrass you

just know her
love her
be near her
when it's cold

(especially when it's bitter cold)

and if you give her
a chance to live
in your heart

the blessings of
warmth and
playful joy
will follow behind you

supporting you every step of the way

with giggles, and hugs, and chocolate
all the days
of your life