Friday, October 23, 2015


she said it
all at once

and turned away

for him
to call her name

whispering her back

but all
she could hear
were the crashing

a few manic seagulls

and the exhale of life
that she'd
heartlessly taken

just a movement before


Thursday, October 22, 2015


the love they had
was shattered
by the problems
that didn't matter

when hope
is blurred
by tears

the fear conquers all


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

thinking through time

i think
of a future
we could have

under the same roof

puzzled in our
puzzlings, but
figuring it out

within the same weather

i think
of a past
we could have had

under the same moon

dreaming our
dreams, and
realizing them
one by one

watching what could come

i know
of the days
we now have

under the same stars

surviving in our
survival, while
keeping each other

hiding when the wind blows

sheltered as one
no matter what comes

waiting for the sun

Sunday, October 11, 2015

the box

it feels
very much like
i'm in a box

he finds me
at the end 
of the day

and he talks
to me and he
praises me

and comforts in his way

but soon enough
the laughter
dies down

the pleasure 
of the words
turns grey

and he remembers
the duties
of the morning

and all he holds at bay

he carefully
puts me
back into the box

and bids
my heart 
to stay

he turns off
what light
he turned on in me

and then he walks away
in time

and then he walks away

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

night whispers

when the
night whispers
a doubt in your ear

don't strain
to hear its

you know
you and i
have a harmony
all our own

with a healing
every time
we see each other

no matter
what's trying
to keep us

the money
the doubts
the distance

the hatred
the hauntings
the resistance

i know the
cohesive controls
what we are

even when the
separation clouds
what we think

remember me
i'm not
the enemy

but a
who stays

long after 
the storms
fade away

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

quiet grey

so softly
he said

what i thought
he would dread

and the moment
was soft
and tender

he went on
without knowing

the feeling
he was showing

and the words
that i tried
to remember

faded away
like the light
of the day

just before the storm.....

Sunday, October 4, 2015

there are limits

she wants
a momentous

i just want
a hand
to hold at

she wants
a cataclysmic

i just want
a casual love

she wants
the sun to part
in the morning
and to start
her yearnings

with the sound
of my whisperings

and all i want
is to be able to say
"eggs better be ok
because that's 
all that's left
in the fridge"

she wants
a soulmate

an alter ego

and all i can give

is toledo

(or maybe boston in the fall)

in betweens

sometimes at night
the frustration becomes

as i fight between
the me i need to be
for you

and the me i want to be
for me

dancing the line
practically perfect

and emo indecision

trying so hard
to rein in
the insanity

a new reality

and try
with tenacity
to hold on
to what i have
with you

and the promise
of what i think
is true

years in the future
when my world
grows up

and life begins


Friday, October 2, 2015


on the day of his birth
remember laughter

all the clever lines you think of
he knew

on the day of his dawning
remember happiness

and all the comedy he created
for you

many happy returns, julius.....