Saturday, March 26, 2016

on pause

wipe the care
away from your thoughts
as easy as you brush
the hair from your forehead

walk strong knowing
that love is growing

too far?
but distance has always
been your friend

don't pretend
she's there for you

on pause
the claws await


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

a supposing of the last letter from Richard Burton to his love Elizabeth Taylor

Dear Elizabeth,

You are my blood
You are my glory

You make me furious
with your meandering ways

You child
You woman
You lady 
You whore

You wonderful you

Who said Hollywood
was only for the 

It's for the stars
who loved
and died

....searching for 
the perfect one

I have that perfect one


Damn what's left of me
not strong enough to pursue
what you are

Damn what's left of you
not loyal enough to stay
where you belong

Damn the world
for making us such a

How long must they follow
the promise of our passion
as it cries out
to the sun?

Damn everyone but you and I

My Heart,


Monday, March 21, 2016


when you don't
see the point

after all the

when you don't
hear my words

after all the

there's nothing
for me to do

but say
good night
to you

and worry about
a better to-morrow


Sunday, March 20, 2016


please see
the smile
in my sad
the same way
i see
the care
in your anger

with love



let's stumble on
a thousand words

to get to the ones
we want

let's glare through
a thousand eyes

to see the ones
that haunt

let's give up
a thousand times

to find the path
that's best

let's gloss over
a thousand ways

to forget our happiness

too deep felt
to leave behind


audio version:

Saturday, March 19, 2016


you think about
how it feels

easy and free
between you and

and you're lulled into
a sense
of what it could be

on pause
for a-while

if he wanted
to be with you
then he'd be
with you

simple as that

i hate to break it
to you

i hate to be
the wise one
in this scenario

but there you go

with his shadow
before you

just behind
your thoughts

let go
and be gone
or stay
and be away

there is no
in between


Friday, March 18, 2016


all the signs
are there

if you choose
to read them

all the times
you care

are lessening

all the clues
are near

if you choose
to follow them

all the times
you care

while she's crying

the distance
ain't more
than miles stretched apart

holding your heart
hostage from
the loving

the days
ain't more
than time going by

keeping your eye
away from
the sighting

of what she was
when you cared

when the moment was there
long ago
when the promise
was new

and everything mattered
and nothing could keep
you away


Sunday, March 13, 2016

text world

did you know
i set a ringtone
just for you
my dear

that chimes
every time you send
a message
to me?

did you know
i hold my phone
close to my heart
my dear

every time you send
a thought
my way?

(most unmanly)

did you know
that sometimes
my soul
my dear

it sings
every time you give me
a text
to read?

you'll never know
the way
you touch me
my dear

with every wink and smile

it makes the miles
between is

seems like minutes

oh may the hours
fly by

until we meet
eye to eye


Sunday, March 6, 2016

being the one

it's important to me
to be the one
to dry your tears

it's important to me
to be the one
to calm your fears

i want to reassure you
in the shadows
and guide you through
all the narrows

and keep you smiling
towards the sun

even when the rain
surrounds us
even when the wind
overpowers us

i want it to be
you and me

as one

looking for the sun

hold on
i'm just a heartbeat


audio version:

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

things you learn when you go to the gym four days a week

*you're stronger than you know

*you sweat more than you thought possible

*you learn to be assertive (especially when you're in line for the only abdominal crunch machine in the whole place (c'mon planet fitness, get your shit to-gether!)

*you realize that "abdominal crunch" would be the name of the worst little debbie snack ever

*you find out that the bachelor is really good angry motivation for going faster on the treadmill

*and, for better or for worse, you really start liking two broke girls (kat dennings would be the coolest best friend to have)