Saturday, February 23, 2013

lost in slumberland

the world is up
and moving round
and here i am
on the other side
of the land

thinking of you

i know
you're sleeping
and dreaming about
men things

like food
and technology
and boobs

and such

and even though
i know
i'd be a bit of distraction
for you

as you frolic in dreamland

i would walk through
hot coals
i would swim through
glass seas

i would sit through
a thousand tea party speeches

just to rest with you again

heart to heart
hand to hand
pillow stealing
blanket taking

forever lost in love


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


all i need
for a good poem
to happen

is a pencil
(not a pen, because
i don't trust the
my own mistakes)

some paper
(even a scrap
taken from the
of a magazine
will suffice)
and you

(looking over
my shoulder,
causing ideas
to happen
just by being
the warmth
my side)


Friday, February 15, 2013


you know
i'd call you up

but by now it's awkward

words would trip out
of my mouth
like a baby
just beginning to walk

in starts and stops

wavering to whatever point
i could find on the way
to the end of the sentence

grasping for meaning
gasping for air

wondering why the
distance was so
hard to overcome

and why you even
for a dork like me

when i can't even
what i was before

...when i can't even find
the way to the door


Thursday, February 14, 2013

a pledge

let the trees pass fast
across my vision
let the sun flash bright
across the way

let the feeling of you
stay in my heart
let the thought of you
stay in my memory


let it stay

don't overthink
and be discouraged
don't overdo
and think it's perfect

just let it be

too young it is
to put a label on it
too strong it is
to dismiss it

just let it grow

the warmth inside
will pull you through
the cold outside
will strengthen you both

just let it stay

......and learn to love again...


the way to you

i don't know what to tell you
when you're sad, and
i don't know what to tell you
when you're down

all i can do
is walk around
the blues

to try to find a way to you

i don't know what you feel inside
when your eyes don't look at me, and
i don't know what you feel inside
when you don't talk at all

all i can do
is walk through
the clouds

to try to find a way to you

bittersweet, yet kind
hard to hear, but close
mirrors show a trace
of who you are

but they don't
show me a way
they never
show me a way

to you


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


will we sing to-gether

we will sing to-gether

will we write songs

we will write songs

will you stay by my side

i will stay by your side
until the next truck comes
down the street....

then i will drag you...
guitar and all...
into the soft grass of
the forest

i will stay by your side

good plan