Tuesday, December 29, 2015


sometimes, writers are told their dialogue is unrealistic.  i so understand why.  the inspiration for my wordplay is usually stuff that i wish i had said..... or could have said, if the situation was right.....

....or would have said, if it were only with someone from afar....

dialogue doesn't have to be swordfights..... it can be the best way to fill in the very essence of a character....

(arlene francis gif just because.....)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


did you hear
that love was easy?

did you read that
in a card?

did you know
that things are hardest

when you think
you have nothing
at all?

go out
in the bluest
of days, my dear

face your fears

and being again

walk out
in the darkest
of times, my dear

hide the tears

and live again


Thursday, December 17, 2015

blurred day

used to think
everything was ok

used to know
the day
was coming

when there 
was peace

now i know
nothing is right

what i thought
was a light in
the darkness

is just time fading fast

nothing i ever thought
was mine
is the same

i'm defending
my love
at every turn

in a maze of

all i want is him
near me

but he doesn't seem
to listen to me

no matter what i say

oh, come the day
once more

where i knew
what was in store

and i saw nothing
but sun
and freedom

and the shadow
of us
in the distance

Monday, December 14, 2015


is never easy

the worlds 
so awkwardly

the quivering touch
of a hand
turns into
a hard hug,
and a wish for a kiss

from lips 
too nervous
for understanding

deep breaths
of conversation 
explode into the air 

almost in ecstasy

"can you feel me again?"
"are we still we again?"

did you know 
what's in store
isn't as important
as the chore

of storing up memories
for the long abyss?

making haste
and promises
while the sun's in our favour

trying to savour
what;s between
the raindrops

before the darkness
comes again


Friday, December 11, 2015


nothing's ever going to be perfect.  it's healthier for you to let go of the idea of "perfection."  maybe disney's version of mary poppins had it right with being "practically perfect."

being "practically perfect" allows you to be more creative, and sweeten the dullness of housecleaning.  being "practically perfect" allows you to deviate from a well worn path, and ride a carousel horse in your own private chalkboard world.

being "practically perfect" allows you to be sad when the wind changes..... and, for one brief moment, mourn what could have been.....

....as you float with the clouds to your next destination......

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


clear eyed

he looked
for her
sharp beak
in ready

smelling her
feeling her

her every footfall
in the distance

who was she
to think
she'd escape
the day?

why did she
she was more
than prey?

didn't she realize
there was no

all the mistakes
she made
were out there
to see

all it took
was a he

to perch in waiting

the next sight
of her

would be her last

no past
could hold him
back now


Sunday, December 6, 2015

cold no more

"why aren't
you wearing 

"they snag
on the jewel."

"but your hand
is so cold."

"i know.....
but covering it 
would be cruel....

it shines 
in this land 
of beige
and dead grasses

it sparkles
in this world
of silence
and sharp glances

it calms me down
when there's nothing
to see...."

"you talk a lot,"
he remarked
when she caught 
her breath

taking her hand
to prevent 
sudden death

smiling shyly 
as he wiggled 
the ring 
side to side

they walked 
side by side
in the darkness
of frost

her lost in her 
interrupted ode

he found in the bitter
of his cold

 cold no more......


audio version:  https://soundcloud.com/jamison99/cold-no-more

Saturday, December 5, 2015

emo's queries

you didn't mean
to hurt me

i don't know
why i went on

you didn't mean
to make me cry

why do things 
end up this way?

when did we
go out of tune?

remember the days
of easy laughter?

when did we stop

was there always
a wall?

there's you
there's me

to-gether in sorry
apart in horror

away in a happiness
we can't find
as one

orbiting around
a cold dark sun

in a cloud
of silent

longing to be free



golden leaves!"
she said

his mind was filled with dread
so he couldn't see

fairy wings!"
she tried again

his thoughts were filled with rain
so he didn't agree

exploding sun!"
she cried

his eyes were filled with surprise
and disbelief

but soon relief
was inside
when he saw the smile
in her eyes

and the promise of mischief ahead......