Sunday, December 6, 2015

cold no more

"why aren't
you wearing 

"they snag
on the jewel."

"but your hand
is so cold."

"i know.....
but covering it 
would be cruel....

it shines 
in this land 
of beige
and dead grasses

it sparkles
in this world
of silence
and sharp glances

it calms me down
when there's nothing
to see...."

"you talk a lot,"
he remarked
when she caught 
her breath

taking her hand
to prevent 
sudden death

smiling shyly 
as he wiggled 
the ring 
side to side

they walked 
side by side
in the darkness
of frost

her lost in her 
interrupted ode

he found in the bitter
of his cold

 cold no more......


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