Thursday, February 27, 2014

journey back

even though
we start out
sleeping to-gether

the nightmares toss us
the dreams turn us
the cold stirs us
the warmth compels us

to separate in the night

and even though
you're only
a breath away

i find a way
to touch you

to keep the connection

finding my way
back to you

in darkness

hoping for the light
to shine a

right back to your heart


Sunday, February 23, 2014


but ... your words give my heart
and my feelings give your mind

and it all works out in
the end





i noticed that she no longer
said "goodbye"
and even though i didn't
know the reason why

i understood
her eyes
and i lived for
her sighs

so i went with
the feeling
that was beyond
all my reasonings

and just said

....then she smiled





to protect you
from the shaky future
while reminding you
of our beautiful past

that's the balance
i have with you
in these coming days

and be strengthened
and be loved

and realize
who you were

and who'll you'll always be
to me




art by: Irina Karkabi
more of her art here:



Tuesday, February 18, 2014

unfocused perfection

there isn't a way
anyone can predict
the future

and maybe
we don't need
to know
what lies ahead

maybe the drifting
teaches us something
about flexibility

maybe the hoping
strengthens us

maybe just walking the path
towards the unknown
is enough
to get us there

no expectations
no guidelines
no check marks

just the realization
that you
were meant to move


learning all along the way

.....until the sun shines again




Sunday, February 16, 2014

reassurance from the shadows

remember the good times
even if you think
they were long ago
_sketched on the wind_

look at the pictures

memorize the smiles

trace our silhouettes

with the softest of touches


and it will come back to you

the sights and the smells

it will stay with you

the laughter and the yells


home will surround your heart

as doubt fades to black


and the love i have ready

for you

will keep 'til i come back


and i will be back





Friday, February 14, 2014

cover me

cover me
with the warmth of
your smile

protect me
from the darkness of
this life

hold me
with the strength of
your love

and i will be whole again




Tuesday, February 11, 2014


don't treat me like the angel
you knew i never was


don't spoil me like a the princess

that i haven't become


just listen to me

when i'm down


laugh with me

without judging


hug me

with all your heart


and i will know

i'm not alone


....even when it's time to go





Monday, February 10, 2014



give me the hope

i never had


by trusting in me

by holding on to me


by leaning on me

even when i'm weak


the strength of your spirit

runs through me


making me think

i can survive anything


and even if there's darkness

all the way through


the light in you

will help me see


just why it has to be


and how to grow again....





i was looking over
the many boxes

in the drugstore aisle


looking for the something

i had forgotten

along the way


so many boxes

full of promises

of making the world better


but none of them could cure me


i stood in the middle

of the store

trying to act normal


as people waked by

in conversations

carrying them on their way


i wanted to scream something


to equal the hell inside of me


but i didn't speak


and the panic rose in me






Sunday, February 9, 2014

walking the storm forever

there comes a time
when you make
a decision

no more waffling allowed

you move forward
even if you're scared
step by step

searching for the light

and even though you know
the darkness comes first
with all its bumps and bruises

you walk on

learning from the bad
reasoning with the sad
growing with the harm
strong with each alarm

walking the storm forever

coming out of the rain
totally different
from anyone you thought
you could be

moving so free

....into the light again


Friday, February 7, 2014


sometimes the only thing trying
is the sky overhead
over heart

over too soon



a promise

and if i were
a bird in flight
i'd take you away

trusting only in the wind
to guide us

to where our hearts are free





source for picture:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

how you help

your words help
even when you don't know
what to say

your questions help
even if i don't have
any answers

your sighs help
even if i don't know
why you're mad

your cries help
even if i can't hear them
over my own

you help
more than you'll ever know

because with you
i live
and through you
i feel

and even if all you do
is be

the strength through you
will run through me

and i will feel hope again


audio version here:

Monday, February 3, 2014


we had
to be tough
to get you to change

we had
to be strong
to get you to realize

how important
you were
how loved
you were

not knowing that
you were
too far gone
to help yourself up

from the darkness
that quickly
surrounded you

when we turned away




trying to get back

trying to get back
to the time
where we breathed

one after the other

but the work gets
in the way
and the perceptions get
so screwed up

until we're eyeing
each other
looking for clues

and listening close
for that little sigh
that'll say

let's give it up

how do we get
from heart's beat to
trouble in less
than fifty miles
an hour

speeding ahead in darkness
not remembering
the sunlight

that started us on our way



couple wind