Saturday, December 9, 2017

i'll be the one

i'll be with you
even if you don't
understand me

i'll smooth it out
for you

i'll be around you
even if you
frustrate me

i'll tough it out 
for you

i'll flatten
all the hills
that grow between us

i'll salt
all the skids
that try to stumble us

and when
you don't think
you can go on

i'll be
the one who'll
remind you
what for

again and again and again

until the sun
shines once more


Tuesday, December 5, 2017


i don't want
to fly anymore

i don't want
to try anymore

you opened my eyes
and now i finally

just the who i'm
meant to be

i don't want
to give anymore

i don't want
to live anymore

your words relive
in my heart

teaching it to
tear me apart

i don't want to
plea anymore

i don't want to
be anymore

you finally define
how you feel

and now nothing
in me is real


Friday, December 1, 2017


back in the day
when the outside air
was only a windowsill

me with a big book
about death
that i'd checked out
over and over again
from the library

listening to the endless
houston rain
as i thumbed through
the pages

"love tko" sliding
in and out of earshot

wiling the day away
in the only peace
i could hold on to

before the storm
started once more


Thursday, November 30, 2017


in your
sweeping changes
of good

don't forget 
the past

love her
protect her

dry her tears

but don't
substitute her memory
with all of

allow her
to remember
the past
and what was

no matter 
how distant
no matter
how sad

help her know
what's been
as well as
what will be

and her place
in the world
will strengthen

in the wisdom
of to-morrow
and to-day


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

in spite of me

had we met
in normality

you wouldn't
have given me
half a chance

had we talked
in formality

you wouldn't
have known me
quite so well

oh, what the hell
maybe you would
have seen me

in spite of me

but i'm not so sure


whisper of promise

you never were
as pretty
as you are to-night

and your hair
tickles so nicely
as you lean close
to me

and you smell
so beautifully
better than bacon
and gin

and you walk in
like you own
the place
and me

and you do 

and i want
to tell you
what you mean
to me

before we get
too much
into it

but all i can do
is lean against you

and the warmth
of your humanity

whispering a
promise that i
hope you cannot

about the sun
and a home
and the rain
and your place
in my heart

oh, don't start asking me now

just listen
to what the words
could say

if i could only
find a way

to tell you


i don't remember
days or nights
so perfectly

(as perfectly
as you)

i see times
blurred in
sunshine and

(even in
the rain)

you'll remind me
why a place is

(right down to

but it won't
matter to a
foggy brain

(so full of the
instant and now)

one day
i'll show you
the greatest shine
of the mooon

or a perfect turn
of the tide
twisting at the
of your eye

just beyond your reach

until then
i'm chipping away
at the hours

clicking and clacking
what's left
of a memory

hoping for home
before darkness

long time away