Thursday, October 18, 2018

the silence

the silence
that surrounds me now
pierces into
my heart

and my very soul

the path
i once walked upon
so assuredly

is forever changed

what now
is normal?
what now
is good?

what life
is calling?

i do not know

is heard

but the blinding

of silence



how tired you must be
of the clouds that move
across her face

when you barely whisper her name

how patient you must be
to endure the wary looks 
she gives you

when you gently take her hand

the beauty 
must be worth the darkness

or you wouldn't be so near

what does she fear?

why does 
follow her every step?

is she 
really worth
the mystery

or should buried treasures

Thursday, September 6, 2018


i wish you were here
next to me

looking at your phone
ignoring me

eating my chips
and hiding my pillow

whispering your wants
and yelling your troubles

i wish you were here
next to me

even if all i see
is a scowl

here and now
i'll know you love me

as long as
i bring the doritos


Monday, August 13, 2018


you went
so slow
and you aimed
so true

that i'm amazed
that you're
so close to my heart

i have no
because i don't need them

i haven't
built walls
because i don't want them

the only thing
between you and i
is this overwhelming urge

to never let go

you near me
me following you

we being we

deep in
our own wilderness
of dreams


Thursday, May 17, 2018

walk away

can't turn the page
without you being
on the other side

can't turn my head
without your shadow
passing me by

can't think i'm free
without your step
being misheard

can't think i'm me
without your hand
crossing out each word

you make me regret
every chance i ever took

take one last look
i beg of you

then walk away


the rest of alone

you used to whisper
in my ear

about all you saw
or heard

you used to listen
to me

whenever i spoke
a word

i didn't think i'd miss
the sound of life

in all its giggles
and wheezes

i didn't think i'd sit
and cry

at the memory
of your sneezes

how can someone
so vital and pure

be gone like the end
of a whisper

why can't the fates
bring you back again

to keep me warm
on the nights i shiver

searching for the best
of home

waiting for the rest
of alone

Saturday, April 14, 2018

i'm out of my depth

in the chill
of open places
surrounded by
unknown faces

i stand alone

emo goth in
shades of red
i can feel so
better off dead
my life on loan

must it all be
wrath and kaos?
must i be so
full of pathos
in thought and deed?

it's better to be
in constant feeling
than live life
without meaning

this is my only creed