Sunday, October 22, 2017

you don't know

y'all think i'm cold
looking at my daughter's body
and then turning away

you don't know me

i was asking where
she was found

i was asking when
she died

i was asking how long
it took before
she passed on

y'all are wrong to think
i wasn't thinking
of her

i was in the business of
finding out
what happened
to my baby

her body can stay
right where
it is

that's all i have left

i gotta hear
what happened
i gotta see
what happened

i gotta know
what happened
before i feel again

emotions can wait

i gotta know

for tereasa martin

Saturday, October 7, 2017

just a song at twilight

in the quiet
autumn moonlight

sit with me

the old people will point
and call it "spooning"

the young ones will whistle
and call it "scoring"

the smart ones will nod,
and call it "none of their business"

we'll call it love
(or maybe something like it)

hold my hand
warm my heart

understand me
for just a while . . .


Saturday, September 30, 2017

glares and giggles

the memory
of you
is a fog of words
and gestures

that sit and fester

and pester me
while i work

the spirit
of you
is a blur of war
and wiggles

a mess of
glares and giggles

all intermingling
in a cloud of haze

that i remember
in these dead days

just before winter


Wednesday, September 27, 2017


don't try
so hard
just let it out

don't be
so profound
just make it shout

don't look
at me
for any advice

just write
it down
don't think twice

and open
your mind's inner door

until you 
can't write anymore


painting: The Passion of Creation
by Leonid Pasternak  

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

can't explain, won't

i can't 
look at you
with any sort of fondness

i can't 
believe in you
with any bit of conviction

please don't
ask me
over and over
why it has to happen

please don't
hurt me
over and over
why is it hard to understand?

i'm tired 
of not knowing
where i stand 
in your world

i'm tired
of not saying
what i mean
to your face

i'm tired
of always lying
when was i ever
going to breathe free?

take two
small steps
backward from me

turn around 
and walk away

you're not 
getting any more

you're not 
getting any more

you're getting
a silent
from my lips

and a cool breeze
to carry you 
on your way


Sunday, September 24, 2017


all i want
is to be taken out
of the equation

nothing's ever been

nothing's ever been
good enough

nothing's ever been

all i want
is to be erased
from the sentence

nothing's ever been

nothing's ever been
strong enough

nothing's ever been

with all the real
i thought i was

the steps i walked
will fill in again



Saturday, September 23, 2017


i don't want to
hear you out

you never heard me

i don't want to
let you talk

you never listened to me

i don't want your poison
to entwine in the heart of me

to stop and let go of me

to slowly get rid of me
until there's nothing left

except for your pride

and what's left
of my soul

too bold?
then stop