Tuesday, February 20, 2018

night calls

go-stop sentences
then apologies
in the night

"i'm sorry, you go on. it's just that-"

"I know. You knew where I was going
with that-

Go on and on and on....."

and i go on, giggling
and half stumbling through

the importance of yesterday
against the feeling
of to-day

in and out of
in-jokes and

weaving a sense of

that relaxes the soul
and drives away
what the day did to me

and you

do you remember
the last time i leaned
on your shoulder

it felt like i was flying
in my mind

flapping wings
in tune with
the heartbeat
below me

searching for the sun


without you

it wasn't
what it was

without you

it couldn't be
what it could be

without you

when you trace around
the very start of me

with what's left of you

don't forget to fill in
the very heart of me

with what's alive in you

it's all been true

there's nothing
i'd want to be

without you

Thursday, February 15, 2018

duality of man

if you get reminded
about what he really thinks
every time you're online

and it isn't the way
he talks to you
when his voice is full of whine

you have to choose
if you're going to stay
with the person who he shows

or if you should part
with the person
whose face you do not know

can we really love someone
a hundred percent

when we're not even sure
of the one that we've met?


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

i guess

you snore
but i don't mind
i guess

at least you're alive

and your hair
when you lie on me
but that's ok

at least you smell good

and every now and then
you call my name
and kick
every so softly
at my legs

which begs to wonder
just what
are you dreaming

at least you're calling my name

you're a mess
but you're my mess

i guess
that's good


the real me

i long for the time
when you can see

the real me

without me
without me

just me
living and breathing

talking to you

eye to eye
heart to heart
loud to loud
smart to smart

hiding nothing
but the fear

that it's all been a dream

i wish i could be
the one you seem
to love


Sunday, February 11, 2018

i could stumble

i could stumble
from your life
and not leave a trace
of the leaving

i could crawl
from the warmth
of your bed
and not leave a wrinkle
on the sheets

you'd get by
on the strength i knew

you'd live by
the creed that i heard

over and over again
in your whispers

time and time again
in your screams

i could stumble
to be free

but just watch me

just watch me


Monday, February 5, 2018


it's never
like the books

it's never
like the poems

it's just you
and he

trying to survive
each other

and he
and you

trying to understand
each other

through the mists
of yourselves