Tuesday, January 16, 2018

soft focus

you walk
from me

trying to figure me out

you talk
at me

trying to understand

what you don't get
in your reverie
is what i want
in your eventuality

don't try too hard
to see me

i'm better in soft focus

blur the lines
and draw in free


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

don't talk

don't talk about
your dreams
don't talk about
your love

don't talk about 
your dealings
or the moon

don't talk about
your future
don't talk about
your past

don't talk about
your feelings
and things that
will not last

don't talk about
your problems
don't talk about
your doom

don't talk about
your peelings
or the things 
in your room

don't talk to me
about you
don't talk to you
about me

just don't talk
and you'll see

just how much 
you mean
to me

in the silence 
i allow you 
to be

Monday, January 8, 2018

keep driving

maybe all i wanted
was a light version
of you

without your
and stresses

without your
and messes

just a straight up
get along girl
trailing behind me

you're leading me
to an early death

but i guess
with your driving

that could take
a year or two

(please yield)

Friday, January 5, 2018

prove to me

sneak in
a little insanity
when we talk

hide behind
every tree we pass
when we walk

point out
all the colours
that you see

prove to me
that i can't be
at all

without you

and maybe
i'll let you in

you lose
when you blend


Sunday, December 31, 2017


all the things
i hid from you
on the sly

were found out
in the end

but all the things
i wore on my sleeve

were never seen
at all

all the times
i whispered my sighs

all the times
i pleaded with my eyes

all the times
i kicked you and ran away

saying the things
i couldn't say

with a shove

you found the love
in my words

but passed the worries

looking for the day


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

don't lean

don't lean on him
too much

for when he fails you
(and he will)
you'll find it
that much harder
to get up

but don't worry

the strength you gain
in the rising
will be much better
than any wooing
that you receive

believe me
you'll walk again


we all thought
we'd lose her

before we did

we'd written her off
until the writing
was off the page

eloquent phrases
with several syllables
designed to roll off the
tongues of the best

just waiting for her fall

didn't know she'd go
as soon as she did

but she's gone

and nothing but
everything isn't the same