Sunday, May 28, 2017

the pest

i used to hate it
when you cracked
your knuckles

with the beat
of every song
you heard

i tried my best
to keep up with
your words

when you would
ramble away at

each hiccup that
each burp that

went on a list
inside my head

the pest

but oh
what i wouldn't give
to hear you
laugh again

do you know i
feel your smile
before i see it?

do you know i
smell your hair
before you round
the corner

to my heart

do you know that
it's been rains
inside my soul
for many a day

as i wait for the sun?

i wince
at every petty word
that i jotted down
in anger

wishing for a way
to a reprieve

but how can i
cross bridges that
smolder in smoke

in the remote chance
of forgiveness?

and now i find
the pest 
is me



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