Sunday, May 28, 2017

sense memories

she walked out
in the misty rain

escaping from
the words and deeds
that had her swimming

the wind gently combed
through her hair
as if it were trying hard
to calm her down

she was crying again

and even though
everyone was ok
and even though
it was all talked out

she still was
stirred up
by the stupidest things

the accent of a stranger
that sounded so much
like his voice

the colour of a shirt
that she knew he had
in his closet

the smell of a tree
that reminded her
of his hygiene

neat and square
calm and strong
and clean

not at all like her

she walked slowly
through the blue
from above

lost in the spell of
the splatters and drops
before her

wondering when
the sun would come back
into her world

and when she 
could smile 


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