Monday, April 11, 2016


every morning
in the dawn of light
i rise up

and i think about
the day

what needs
to be done
and what should
be done

to continue my life

right before my eyes
a cloud forms

and thoroughly

and whatever sun
i see
and whatever warmth
i feel

becomes this cold, dark
that surrounds me

no matter where i go

oh, i can forget it

when a friend
compliments me
or i help someone
in need

but as i live and breathe
i hear
this whisper
with every good word

tempering me
tapping me down

reminding me
of who i really am

and who i will always be

maybe it's there
to humble me

to keep me
just behind all the praise
i don't deserve

maybe it's there
to protect me

from the trouble
i'd get into if
i believed i was good

maybe i'm supposed
to write this all down

to help others
look past
the clouds ....the rain....

what's left of the pain

so they can see
the sun again


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