Saturday, November 21, 2015

the recalling

he felt silly
every time she
asked him to recall

he was sure 
she remembered 
more than she let on

but he relented
at the begging
and started again

for the first time

one day
when fall's wind
was just beginning
to blow

you came to me

clothed in a
too big overcoat
and too short pants

i found you
huddling in the corner
of the airport
eyes bouncing this way
and that

ricocheting in restlessness

you saw me
and immediately
took a step back

no i didn't

yes you did

no i didn't 

indeed you did

once i focused
into the person
you knew i was

you motioned me
to your borders

i was a stranger
in your land
once removed

to show myself
with the free will
that the intimate

to show you
the world
that keeps me
from you

ready to be me
and see if we
fit to-gether
as us

did we?

we did
and do
and do again

do do?

he felt silly
tickling the life
out of her
at that moment

but her giggles
gave him life
in their breathless joy

and warmth
surged in 
the empty house


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