Sunday, November 15, 2015

bedtime ritual

first we get

and talk about
our day

what we ate
what we saw
who we dealt with

detangling our souls
until the frustrations
are gone

then we get
the covers

and arrange them
on the bed

first the sheet
then the woven cotton
then the soft blanket

fluffing pillows
in a lattice 
of comfort and

then, at last
we get in bed

and lie to-gether
side by side

asking silly questions
avoiding deep answers
acknowledging the night

just where
we'll meet
in dreamland

do you remember 
the tree by the beach?
the one next to 
the caramel popcorn place?

i'll meet you there
with the popcorn
can you bring 
the hot cocoa?

night's done
let sleep come to the ones
who need it

may love
fill their dreams
with the hope they need

to survive the day again....

poem inspired by this prompt:

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