Wednesday, October 31, 2012


you loved me
before you met me

you enthralled me
before i knew you

and slowly
with baby steps

i lowered the mask
to my heart

scared of being someone
you didn't expect

scared of revealing
too much of my frailties

scared of  being the real me

but i found out
almost too quickly
that you had read between the lines

and found me anyway

how much of me
is that transparent?

how much of me
is the freak i think i am?

how much of me
do you truly adore?

how long will your goodness stay?

i'll never know
the answers
from inside
if i hold onto barriers
on the outside

so here i am

accept me for me

and i will love you
for you

no masks
no games
no questions

just the hope
for something real

in a wilderness of masquerade


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