Thursday, June 22, 2017

for the worst

it started sketchy
then you filled in
the blanks

vowing your love
as long as i
told you everything

and i told you

baring my soul
night after night

you took from me
my problems
and gave to me
your solutions

lecturing me
over and over
about what i
must do

for the best

but somewhere
along the line
your words took
a turn

for the worse

and you started
magnifying the
darknesses that
i tried to hide

telling me
over and over
what i must do

to end it all

and i followed
your steps
to the letter

spelling out
my life before
my eyes

wishing and hoping
it didn't have to be
this way

but it was better
this way

you told me so
and i believed

(the end)

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