Tuesday, January 5, 2016

writing away the uncertain days (and the endless nights)

"i love you

you have
to worry about

you have
no one to be

but yourself

i love
the you
who you are

so don't worry

if i show support
to someone else
it's to help them

or encourage them

but not to share
an intimacy
with them

if i give
wordless attention
it's to bolster them

or reassure them

but not to draw
them closer
to my heart

you have my heart

you've known
from the very

when it was so hard
to say

'i love you?'

i had to be sure

i had to be with you

i had to look at you
face to face

to release
what was inside
of me

never doubt
the veracity

of what i give."

helps me focus
on the bad

and make it good

the words
help me push away
the doubts

and make me sure

and sometimes
i create
what i wish was said

over and over again

willing myself
to make things right

oh, love be anew
and forget this night!


audio version here:  https://soundcloud.com/jamison99/writing-away-the-uncertain-days-and-the-endless-nights

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