Sunday, April 5, 2015

april 2015 pad challenge day 5: peas

we talked
into the night

about plans
and things

and did the
back and forth

in wordy

i told you
i was allergic
to peas

(i'm weird, i know)

and i felt you
and take it in

and marvel over
this nugget of
important information

storing it away
in the recesses
of your mind

for later review

the care
that i barely notice
you have for me

comforts me
in its exactness

and even though
i contradict my life

i feel you stop
and guide me

to the right that's us

keeping me whole
in the support
you give me

hold me close
and let me warm up
at the feel of you

i've been cold for so long

bring your strong
to me

precisely the way
you are


poem inspired by this prompt:

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