Tuesday, April 22, 2014

22- all smiles

you gave us
the best twenty minutes
of each day

all smiles
in agreement
big hugs
and contentment

we never saw the bad

when the camera
was on
you strived to show us
how happy a couple
could be

hiding the darkness
just around the corner
stuffing the sadness
in the other room

where we never went

how much better
would it have been
if we saw you

warts and all

working out
the difficulties
learning all
the intricacies

coming back from
each blow
stronger than before

closer in heart-understanding

teaching us
how to make
the sun shine again

after the harsh rain
of reality

can't you see
that the bad helps, too?

be renewed
by the greyness abound

come around again
back to love


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