Wednesday, December 26, 2012

uncover you cover you

all i wanna do
is hold you near

all i wanna do
is hug you

all i wanna be
is by your side

will you let me
will you trust me?

i try my best
day to day
to steer you to the sunlight

but you cover your eyes
duck behind your hair

try your best
to stay a shadow to me

can't you see
that you are the most
important one to me?

the focus in all
that's been blurry
all these years?

all i wanna do
is tell you how much
you mean to me

but i know
you can't listen
for very long

without tears

so let me hug
you near

and hold you
until you're warm

until the day awakens
your soul

until the light comes
to you again


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