Friday, August 19, 2011


my plate
is full right now

my cup
runneth over
with troubled waters

i wish
you'd just
step away

(for just a little while)

until my head's straight
until my mind's clear

until . . .
something right
happens in my life

if i put you on pause

and have you wait
until the world's
just right

i'd never see you again

stay near
stay close

stay in love

be loved
but don't expect
a whirlwind
of epic proportions

there's just
going to be

spastic you
(and your giggle)

and weary me
(if you'll take me)

take me
as far as you can go
and i'll take you

as far as you can dream


1 comment:

  1. I could be the weary one. Hell I am weary. I keep hoping for something to go right. But I don't want anyone on hold either. Hugs.